Water Damage

Hope is not a strategy when it comes to water damage in your home as mould can start to develop within 48 hours of the damage occurring.
If plaster becomes wet you may want to wait and let it dry out but salts may be present and will attract moisture even if the initial problem is solved.

While drywall is pretty sturdy, when it's exposed to water for too long it can get damaged. It may lose its structural integrity, becoming soft and weak. Depending on what category of water drywall is exposed to, and how wet it got, you may be able to save it. Speed is critical to avoiding mould damage, though.

Water leaking through your roof will always cause problems as water will continue its downward journey into your home.
Slate and Plaster offer a range of services to fix and repair water damage to your roof, plaster and plasterboard which will save you dealing with various contractors.

Call us today to work with you to resolve water damage in your home.

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