Slate Roofing

Slate is a natural material that offers an authentic finish that we, at Slate and Plaster feel that cannot be imitated by synthetic products. For period projects, to replace existing slate or properties that want to reflect the more natural look then slate cannot be surpassed. It’s lifespan means it will last longer than both clay and concrete and possibly outlive the building it resides upon.

The properties of natural slate mean that it is extremely durable against even the harshest of weather conditions, which guarantees an extremely long lifespan, it can last anywhere up to 150 years or possibly longer.

Slate does not fade or deteriorate over time, which is reflected in how long it will protect the roof structure. Another great advantage of slate offers is that it is low maintenance, very little effort is required to keep them in good working order for a very long time.

At Slate and Plaster will we match your existing slate for repairs or create a new whole new look with the slate of your choice.

In fact, at Slate and Plaster we love working with slate so much we named our company after this lovely natural material.

Contact us now and let us demonstrate our skill and passion when it comes to slate roofing.
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