Examples of our work

Here is a small selection of our work so you can see the quality that we deliver on every job.
  • Artex Cover Up - Before

    Dated Artex can be covered with plasterboard.

    Artex Cover Up - After

    And we finish with a skim of plaster  ready for your decoration.


    We have been priveleged to work on historical restoration work.


    We relish every challenge whether large or small, old or new.

    Ceiling Repairs

    Water can cause a lot of damage that needs to repaired swiftly.

    Ceiling Repairs

    We fix and cover leaving your ceiling looking like new.
  • Fireplace Cover-up

    We can take an unwanted fireplace...

    Fireplace Cover-up

    And literally make it disappear...

    Old Lime - Before

    Edinburgh is full of beautiful houses with traditional lime mortar.

    Old Lime - After

    We can cover this with a plaster skim and leave you with a perfect surface to decorate.


    Chimneys come in all shapes and sizes...


    But they all need to be maintained. We're happy to help you maintain your chimney.
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