A Cornice can be an attractive addition to your home

Cornice is the generic term that is frequently applied to either a cornice or coving, the difference is simple as coving usually applies to a type of cornice that is uniform in profile.

Both terms are applied to a moulding designed to conceal the join between the wall and the ceiling and beautifully installed coving or cornicing is an attractive finish to your room and will soften the hard lines of the walls.

We can install a variety of types of coving ranging from a simple lightly sculpted coving more suited to a home built within the last century to an elaborate heavier sculpted plaster molding more suited to an older property. 

Coving can offer an elegant solution to covering cracks that occur in rooms or as a tray to conceal lighting giving your room a more modern lighting effect that gives off no glare.

Your room will look finished and could restores your homes period feel.
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