Chimney Work

Chimneys need maintenance just like the rest of your home, and this also includes chimneys that don’t have a real fire. Bird’s nests and other debris can block your chimney and restrict its effectiveness at ventilating your house.

We can take down and slate or tile over any damage surrounding the chimney stack. 

Older chimneys may need pointing, rendering or completely rebuilding and we can also re-haunch the connection to the crown brickwork.
Regular maintenance tasks such as installing a flue or sweeping a chimney can be performed by us and to our usual high standard leaving your home clean and tidy when we have completed the work. 

We can install cowls, tin or clay to prevent downdrafts or birds entering your home. And flashings and valleys need to be kept in good repair to prevent water ingress into your house.

Slate and Plaster can undertake all types of maintenance tasks on your chimney so that you can relax in the knowledge that your chimney is in good order. Contact us now so we can provide you with a free estimate on the work required.

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